Capital Daily

Langford: A Tale of Two Cities. A Best Coast Political Podcast Crossover.

Episode Summary

In this unique podcast experience, the Best Coast Political Podcast teams with the Capital Daily to bring listeners a revealing look at one of B.C.'s most beguiling towns: Langford. Recently voted the most liveable city in Canada, it's often criticized for its endless sprawl, bland suburban geographies, and stagnant local government. How to square the circle? The expert panel includes Aaron Guillen (Capital Daily), Maleea Acker (Univ. of Victoria and Focus Magazine), and Jeremy Caradonna and Matt Dell (Best Coast Political Podcast). The panel takes on numerous topics in this long-form discussion, including the sketchy origins of Bear Mountain and its subsequent bankruptcy, the Danbrook One tower fiasco, the destruction of rare Garry Oak ecosystems in the area, the lack of urban planning, perceived conflicts of interest between industry and local politicians, and the secretive, closed-door nature of local governance. Stew Young has been mayor for nearly 30 years, ever since the town incorporated in the early 90s, and there has been little turnover on the city council over the years. So what is Langford's true identity? Does it have a 'democracy deficit? And where does it go from here?